Barlow Technology offers a specialised refurbishment/repair of defective or worn-out crane wheels, wheel sets and wheel blocks. Following our collection from the customer a thorough cleaning and disassembly process takes place in our plant and an expert evaluation is made by our specialised personnel. The customer receives a detailed overview about the new and reusable […]

Pulley Sheaves

Barlow Technology supplies high quality replacement Pulley Sheaves, for a range of applications, including Ports and Harbours and Steel Mills. Our Pulley sheaves are manufactured from either cast or forged material, to the latest European Industry standards. Engineered to customer requirements, the groove of the Pulley Sheave can be hardened, utilising our ‘slip-free hardening’ techniques […]

Wheel Blocks

The wheel blocks supplied by Barlow Technology, provide replacement, low maintenance direct replacements for direct drive and idle applications, in a variety of industry sizes such as:       160       200       250       315       400 With a variety of materials, and also the option to have wheel blocks manufactured in non-standard sizes, we are confident that we can […]

Wheel Sets

Barlow Technology can supply wheel sets that are either to DIN Standards, or customer specific drawings. The wheel sets; as well as the drive- and idle wheel sets; can be manufactured with shrunk in drive and idler shafts, with self aligning roller bearings and bearing housings, with crane wheels made of highly wear-resistant materials or […]