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Month: April 2019

Machining Capability and Special Products

April 25, 2019

Using innovative techniques and enhanced processes, Barlow Technology offer custom machining for high-performance, cast, forged, rolled and welded materials within all heavy industry sectors. Optimised Processes allow us to precisely meet customer requirements with significant improvements in performance and lifespan. Offering a wide range of fabrications, Pinions, Castings, Gear Rings and Segments, as well as […]
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Spring 2019 Newsletter: Storm Brakes and Special Products

April 10, 2019

NEWS: Read the most recent Barlow Technology newsletter: Storm Brakes and Special Products Welcome to the Barlow Technology Spring newsletter; packed full of company news and product and services updates relating to the steel, ports and harbours, rail and renewable energy industries… https://email.increative.co.uk/t/ViewEmail/r/37D6A2BDA7C16A302540EF23F30FEDED  
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