Crane Wheels

For over 22 years, Barlow Technology has been supplying a range of Steel wheels from our partner, German manufacturing giant, Karl Georg, to many high-profile customers in the UK and Ireland.

With wheels available in forged or cast steel or nodular iron and within a variety of sizes, from 100mm to 1250mm and manufactured to customers’ specific requirements, we are able to support our customers for a wide spectrum of applications.

Wheels can be supplied with or without wheel flanges, with roller or sliding bearings, or as a bare wheel, and also using also a wide range of heat treatment methods, including slip-free hardening.

We supply many of the United Kingdom’s Ports and Harbours and associated steel industries, supplying wheels for specialist applications where non-standard wheels are required.

Our aim is to always understand the application in which our wheels will be used. If rail material and form are available, for example, we then propose materials, allowing the wheel and rail to work mechanically together, prolonging the life of wheels and rail and reducing maintenance costs and down time.

When replacing older, worn wheels, it is our standard practice to supply an approval drawing to our customer, before manufacture commences.

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