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Barlow Technology supplies a range of industrial products for the steel, marine and offshore, container handling, ports and harbours, rail, paper, mining and the renewable energy industry.

Over 40 years of industry experience gives us the foundation we need to provide proven, high-quality service levels and exemplary products in a cost-efficient manner.

This, coupled with a willingness to not only meet, but exceed clients’ expectations drives our commitment to each individual job.

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Operating within a variety of industry sectors, Barlow Technology works closely with worldwide partners to secure the ideal solution with regards application, placement, environmental conditions and location.

With vast experience in heavy industry sectors and working closely with commercial partners, dedicated site visits assist us in securing the correct products and solutions for each client.

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Products & Solutions…

Barlow Technology brings you both the invaluable expertise and essential products you need to reduce expenditure, minimise maintenance costs, lower downtime and save company time and labour when sourcing parts and materials.

Ideally suited to heavy industry, our high performance products include a range of brakes and braking systems, thrusters, steel wheels & tyres, encoders and electric drive motors; uniquely and reliably engineered to suit each client’s requirements.

Barlow Technology promotes and supplies reliable German engineering and quality products from Johannes Hübner Giessen, Dellner Bubenzer, VEM and Karl Georg.

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