Evolution and Innovations in the UK Port Crane Industry

The United Kingdom’s port crane industry has undergone significant transformations in recent years, reflecting the dynamic nature of global trade and technological advancements. As a crucial component of the maritime logistics chain, port cranes play a pivotal role in efficiently handling cargo and ensuring smooth operations in ports across the UK. One of the key […]

Barlow Technology secures new Teesside premises

We are happy to report that Barlow Technology is relocating to a new office premises, following a period of expansion. Established in 1996, Barlow Technology has been trading from Durham Tees Business Centre, in Stockton-on-Tees but has outgrown the space and Director, Richard Barlow now recognises that the business’ needs have altered over the last […]

Safety Brakes with BUEL Technology and Brake Monitoring Systems

The newest braking technology available is reflected in the range of Emergency Brakes, specifically the range of SF brakes from Pintsch Bubenzer. Where past designs have seen the brakes powered by a Hydraulic Power Unit, the new generation of brakes are powered by BUEL Model G By comparison to older HPU systems, which typically require […]