Safety Brakes with BUEL Technology and Brake Monitoring Systems

The newest braking technology available is reflected in the range of Emergency Brakes, specifically the range of SF brakes from Pintsch Bubenzer.

Where past designs have seen the brakes powered by a Hydraulic Power Unit, the new generation of brakes are powered by BUEL Model G

By comparison to older HPU systems, which typically require time-consuming and costly repairs and maintenance, leading to excessive and costly downtime, the new hydraulic brakes with mounted BUEL power pack are delivered ready to use, environmentally friendly, due to a lifetime filling of biodegradable oil and immediately save on costs due to increased efficiency.

The newest range of brakes is now available from Barlow Technology as sole UK supplier for Pintsch Bubenzer.

Pintsch Bubenzer patented BUEL technology has been developed from years of experience of testing of electro-hydraulic systems and decades of experience in drive technology and its components.

To accompany the new braking technology, improvements have also been made to the Monitoring System CMB3; it’s predecessor, the CMB2, already hugely successful in the marketplace.

Developed for use with SB and SF brakes, the system can now cater for double the amount of sensors, immediately leading to higher efficiency and a more compact, self-contained system.

The large industrial display shows measurement data and error messages, readable, even in direct sunlight and comes with an LED backlight for dark environments such as steel mills.

Increased sensory powers of detection, ensures ongoing functionality and efficiency with earlier detection of faults, such as an incorrect or broken spring setting.

All data and warning signals from the monitoring system are transferred to the main control PLC, with the option of monitoring more than 100 brakes connected to one bus master on the main PLC.

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