With U-ONE-SAFETY it is easy to realize motion and position dependent safety functions. New features include a safe position and error switch as well as the latest intrinsically safe absolute encoder interfaces. In addition, the system offers a reliable speed switch as well as optional current or incremental outputs. U-ONE-SAFETY is available in two construction […]

U-ONE® system: EGS module SIL 2 certified

The universal encoder system U-ONE from Johannes Huebner Giessen offers ten function modules in a single unit. The EGS module UO-EM-EGS 41 is an electronic overspeed switch designed to detect over- and under-speeds. The module is certified to EN 61508 SIL CL2 and EN 13849 PL d. Module functionality includes switch delay, inverse direction of […]

U-ONE® system: FOC decoder module (certified to SIL 2)

The universal encoder system U-ONE from Johannes Huebner Giessen offers ten function modules in a single unit. The FOC decoder module is one of the possible modules available to acquire optical signals from the basic unit and supply power to the electronic function modules. If the basic unit UOM 41L-1212 is utilized, then the module […]

U-ONE® system: Basic unit SIL 2 certified

Speed, position and overspeed detection in one – U-ONE the universal encoder system from Johannes Huebner Giessen offers up to ten functions in a single unit. The system includes a universal basic unit that is connected to the electronic function modules on the switchboard via EMC proof fiber optic cable. The basic unit UOM 41L-1212 […]

SIL 2 certified: Electronic overspeed switch EGS 41

The electronic overspeed switch EGS 41 is certified by TUV Nord for deployment in safety-related applications up to SIL 2 to EN 61508 and PL d to EN 13849. It has two safe switching outputs to monitor speed. Overspeed and underspeed are user programmable from 0.5 rpm. Standstill and slip monitoring are included as is […]

Multi-turn absolute encoder with a solid shaft AM41

Absolute encoders from Huebner Giessen are suitable for deployment in the harshest conditions in rolling mills, the mining industry and crane systems. The multiturn version AM… 41 encoders are designed to fulfill the highest safety requirements and are particularly suitable for use in projects where safety is paramount. The reason is the absolute encoders AM… […]

Universal encoder system U-ONE®-Compact

With their U-ONE®-Compact UOC 40 and U-ONE®-SAFETY-Compact USC 42 (SIL 2 / PL d) Johannes Hübner Giessen have developed a universal encoder system that not only reduces costs, but also implements useful additional functions at the same time. Thanks to the compact combination of different electronic function modules there is now no need for the […]