Magnetic Encoder – MAG

Incremental Magnetic Encoder from Johannes Hubner Giessen, as supplied by Barlow Technology, are a reliable, safe and flexible solution for even the harshest of environments. Suitable for multiple applications where there may be no free shaft end, these encoders offer a safe and reliable solution.

SIL 3 certified: Multi-turn absolute encoder with a solid shaft

Absolute encoders from Huebner Giessen are suitable for deployment in the harshest conditions in rolling mills, the mining industry and crane systems. The multi-turn version AM… 41 encoders are designed to fulfill the highest safety requirements and are particularly suitable for use in projects where safety is paramount. The reason is the absolute encoders AM… […]

MAGA Absolute Single-Turn

The magnetic absolute encoders MAGA from Johannes Huebner Giessen are available with PROFINET IO, PROFIBUS-DP, EtherCAT and SSI interfaces. Thanks to the magnetic scanning principle these encoders are impervious to dirt and are tolerant of large radial and axial play. The version with a split pulse wheel is particularly suitable for retrofitting and upgrade projects. […]

AMH 40 Multi-Turn

The multiturn version of the absolute encoder AM…H 40 from Johannes Huebner Giessen is optionally available with a hollow shaft. It is possible to configure the AM…H 40 via all customary interfaces such as PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET IO, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, SSI or a parallel interface. An incremental output is available on request. The multi-turn version […]

AS40 Singleturn Looper

Loop lifter or looper encoders are subjected to demands that shorten their service life considerably. The looper encoder from Johannes Huebner Giessen AL… 40 is especially designed and built for this field of application, a fact that enables it to provide service lives many times greater than is usually the case. Filled with a special […]


Absolute encoders from Johannes Huebner Giessen are designed for operations in extreme operating conditions: They have a robust, thick-walled aluminium casing and large ball bearings with a high dynamic load rating; the encapsulated interior space remains sealed even when the generously dimensioned terminal box is open. All screwed connections are vibration resistant. The singleturn version […]