The Subsea and Marine Sector: Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy

Supplying products to the subsea sector involves a complex web of challenges and opportunities, requiring specialised expertise and innovation. The subsea sector, encompassing industries such as oil and gas, renewable energy and marine research, operates in some of the most challenging environments on the planet, often at great depths below the ocean surface. As such, […]

Solutions for Subsea Applications

Barlow Technology is an experienced, specialist supplier to the Subsea sector, including the provision of products and equipment to the mining, oil and gas and offshore wind power sectors. Working closely with European partners, we provide solutions for applications within subsea developments and projects, around the UK, with a range of uniquely engineered products, suited […]

Evolution and Innovations in the UK Port Crane Industry

The United Kingdom’s port crane industry has undergone significant transformations in recent years, reflecting the dynamic nature of global trade and technological advancements. As a crucial component of the maritime logistics chain, port cranes play a pivotal role in efficiently handling cargo and ensuring smooth operations in ports across the UK. One of the key […]

Subsea Expo 2024

Barlow Technology shall be attending Subsea Expo 2024 this February, where we are looking forward to meeting industry colleagues and establishing new connections within the underwater sector. Well-established partnerships with global industry leaders is matched by our experience and capability in supplying uniquely engineered products and expertise to the sector. To arrange a meet at […]

Winter 2023 Newsletter

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Our work within the Ports, Steel and Offshore Industries

We work closely with European partners in the supply of a range of products and services for heavy industry clients. Our experience within the Ports, Steel and Offshore industries, allows us to source and supply a range of uniquely engineered Encoder Systems, Motors, Brakes, Couplings and additional tailored products to new and existing customers throughout […]

Player Sponsor for Sunderland AFC’s Nazariy Rusyn

We enjoyed a fantastic evening at The Stadium of Light yesterday as Player Sponsor of Sunderland AFC’s Ukrainian centre-forward, Nazariy Rusyn. Thanks to Tony Mowbray and the Sunderland management and players for a great night. #oneclubourclub  

Barlow Technology at Offshore Europe 2023

  Offshore Europe 2023, the foremost industry event for the offshore sector, has been a resounding success for Barlow Technology. A first for us in terms of exhibiting, following several years of walking the Aberdeen show, our expectations were optimistic, especially in light of the show’s previous postponement due to Covid. Our Teesside based business […]

UK Flexi-Flipper Trials continue

Extensive trials of revolutionary flippers for STS cranes have started at DP World Southampton. The success of the problem-solving solution shall pave the way for a time-saving, cost-efficient, high performance product for the UK’s ports industry. The trials were negotiated, agreed and product supplied by Barlow Technology the sole supplier of the Inamer manufactured product, […]

Solutions for Industry

Barlow Technology promotes and supplies trusted reliable German engineering from companies recognised and respected globally for their production of prototypes and custom designs, within the worldwide heavy industry sector. Over 40 years experience in the supply of a range of industrial products and services to the steel, marine and offshore, container handling, ports and harbours, […]