Electronic Overspeed Switches from Barlow Technology

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EGS – Electronic overspeed switches Barlow Technology supply highly accurate Electronic Overspeed switches; to replace historic, inaccurate mechanical overspeed switches; through our longstanding partner, Johannes Hübner Giessen. Offering a variety of design solutions to suit different applications, the German manufactured EGS series of electronic overspeed switches, provide an ideal solution for heavy-duty industry, where the […]


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SB Series of Thruster Disc Brakes from Barlow Technology


Barlow Technology is the sole UK representative of industry leading brake manufacturer, Pintsch Bubenzer. With a new range of redesigned brakes manufactured for multiple applications, including hoists, trolleys and gantries, the low maintenance system has been designed to resolve issues associated with dated braking systems and outmoded manufacturing designs. Pintsch Bubenzer have a proven track […]

Benefits of the Unit One Encoder

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Combining up to ten functions, within one unit, the universal encoder system U-ONE, offers speed, position and overspeed detection diagnostics, without the requirement for additional units, resulting in a simplified and highly efficient solution for crane operators. Current set-ups with separate sensing device units, all channelled through one gearbox, via separate cabling, raise issues with […]


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Monitoring Systems for Crane Brakes As global port operators increasingly utilise more advanced IT solutions within both manned and unmanned cranes and container handling equipment, the subject of automation remains a much discussed topic. With an increasing number of terminals worldwide considered ‘fully automated’, the number is set to rise as the industry moves to […]

Case Study: Replacement of damaged Steel Crane Wheels

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Barlow Technology is extremely proud of over 40 years experience in the steel industry with a speciality in the supply of forged steel crane wheels to UK Ports and Harbours. Working as the sole authorized partners for leading European manufacturers, Barlow Technology has access to the most innovative products and processes, gearing this knowledge and […]

Barlow Technology secures Pintsch Bubenzer Contract

The team at Barlow Technology was delighted to have secured the representation for Pintsch Bubenzer brakes, in the Summer of 2015. Based in Kirchen, and Dinslaken in Germany, Pintsch Bubenzer have been producing industrial braking systems for nearly 100 years and is a name synonymous with quality, within a variety of global industries. One of […]

Encoders and Drive Control


Our partner Hubner Giessen, the world renowned manufacturer of High Quality, Precision Measuring Equipement including Encoders and Tachos, have recently added the new, innovative Unit One Encoder to their product portfolio. The Unit One Encoder, takes away the need for separate Speed Control, Position Module and Mechanical Overspeed unit, and replacing them with one module, […]