SB Series of Thruster Disc Brakes from Barlow Technology

Barlow Technology is the sole UK representative of industry leading brake manufacturer, Pintsch Bubenzer.

With a new range of redesigned brakes manufactured for multiple applications, including hoists, trolleys and gantries, the low maintenance system has been designed to resolve issues associated with dated braking systems and outmoded manufacturing designs.

Pintsch Bubenzer have a proven track record of reliability and robust engineering across a wide range of applications. With safety and flexibility of prime importance, they have produced an innovative series of brakes, which exhibit vast improvements on more mechanically dated service brakes. The SB series of electro-hydraulic thruster disc brakes boast a more modern, compact design and offer an easy to maintain product, giving the new brake system commercial advantage in the marketplace.

Addressing issues of inertia, the Pintsch Bubenzer electro-hydraulic thrusters, commonly known as BUEL, benefit from a vastly improved, progressive design with adaptable time settings, allowing faster closure compared with older braking systems.

The variable time setting device on brakes equipped with the BUEL Thruster, Bunenzer’s own innocvative Thruster, has a standard of 100ms in comparison to 300ms typically demonstrated in comparative systems, slowing the moving components to a stop, with a 45% shorter stopping distance capability than existing industrial braking systems.

Older systems, some in excess of 80 years old, carry inherent problems typically associated with aged systems; those of oil leakage and a regular requirement to refurbish the dated system to maintain effectiveness; not only inefficient and costly on time and energy but financially expensive, in terms of replacement parts.

Substituting older brakes with a low maintenance BUEL thruster operated brake system provides an immediate solution to these common issues; not only saving on time and expensive refurbishments, but lowering overall power usage.

Using power only once to open the brake, the BUEL system cuts consumption by 60% compared to its older counterpart with slow and repetitive open and closing movements, impactful on cost and wear and tear.

Recent tests on the BUEL system has successfully proven 4 years perfect service, without a requirement for refurbishment or replacement parts. The benefits of a low maintenance braking system are innumerable and have major implications on the bottom line.


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