Our worldwide partnerships

For Barlow Technology, over 40 years in the industry pays testimony to the worldwide partnerships we have formed and commercial relationships built on performance and reliability.

Trust, for us is key, building on strong co-operation and road-tested techniques, meaning we can, in turn, pass on the most technologically advanced products and up to date engineering techniques to our customer base.

Barlow Technology supplies a range of uniquely engineered industrial products and solutions, typically for extreme environments within the marine and offshore industry, container handling, mining and the renewable energy industry.
Many of the products we supply are German-engineered and uniquely manufactured to accommodate clients’ requirements. Working together with companies such as Pintsch Bubenzer, Hubner-Giessen and Karl Georg, offering a range of reliable products particularly suited to heavy industry; guarantees our customers the ideal solutions with regards application, placement, environmental conditions and location.
This, coupled with a commitment to source products and systems, which reduce expenditure and minimize maintenance costs, ensures our customer downtime is lowered and clients’ expectations are exceeded in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.