Monitoring Systems for Crane Brakes

As global port operators increasingly utilise more advanced IT solutions within both manned and unmanned cranes and container handling equipment, the subject of automation remains a much discussed topic.

With an increasing number of terminals worldwide considered ‘fully automated’, the number is set to rise as the industry moves to unmanned cranes, in pursuit of improved efficiency.

Industry professionals within the container handling profession recognise that with advancements in automation; performance, productivity and safety are of key importance.

It is within these key industry areas that Barlow Technology operates and has become a reputable source for the supply of equipment and spare parts, to ports worldwide.

Specialist supplier of bespoke equipment to the ports and harbours industry for over 40 years, Barlow Technology has experienced a recent growth in demand for MONITORING SYSTEMS FOR INDUSTRIAL BRAKES, linked to automation.

Sales Director Richard Barlow says; “With the recent increase in fully automated terminals, it is imperative for safety that certain conditions can be monitored remotely, such as brake pad wear, Pad temperature, reserve stroke monitoring and Brake Force. The CMB-3 Monitoring System from Pintsch Bubenzer allows all of these conditions to be monitored”

As the sole UK supplier for Pintsch Bubenzer products; Barlow’s clients recognise the value in quality, as Pintsch Bubenzer manufacture some of the best industrial braking systems in the world.

With automation, has come a demand from terminal operators for a remotely operated monitoring system to safeguard the use of brakes. Used as a damage prevention and corrective tool, the monitoring system is controlled remotely, combining a revolutionary sensor with analytical software, which produces operational reports from the crane brake system.

As ports move forward with fully automated cranes, the Pintsch Bubenzer manufactured brake monitoring system from Barlow Technology offers safety for load carrying systems and prevents damage to brakes, resulting not only in efficiency but savings in repair and replacement costs.

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