Industrial Coupling Technology; Safety Couplings

Barlow Technology supplies German-engineered coupling solutions for applications within the UK Ports, Steel and Mining industries.

Building on a strong history and as the sole partner in the UK of The Malmedie Group; specialists in the design, development, and manufacture of power transmission systems; Barlow Technology offers a tailored service and uniquely engineered, reliable, cost-effective, mechanical coupling solutions to UK customers.

Safety Couplings

MALMEDIE Safety-Elements have been used for more than 30 years as torque limiters in various types of couplings.

Fields of application

  • Rolling Mills
  • Metallurgical Industry
  • Mining
  • Chemical Industry
  • Container Cranes (SOS)


  • The possible variation in the number and size of the safety elements and of the effective diameter means that the maximum release (shut-off) torque can be selected almost without limit.
  • The individual safety element cannot be overloaded if correctly chosen.
  • Exsisting shear-pin couplings can be replaced by MALMEDIE Safety-Couplings.