Industrial Coupling Technology; Gear Couplings

Barlow Technology supplies German-engineered coupling solutions for applications within the UK Ports, Steel and Mining industries.

Building on a strong history and as the sole partner in the UK of The Malmedie Group; specialists in the design, development, and manufacture of power transmission systems; Barlow Technology offers a tailored service and uniquely engineered, reliable, cost-effective, mechanical coupling solutions to UK customers.

Gear Couplings

MALMEDIE Gear-Couplings are designed with crowned teeth and are used where torques must be transmitted through movable shafts.

Fields of application

MALMEDIE Gear-Couplings are specifically suitable for applications with difficult environmental conditions.

  • Hot- and Cold Rolling Mills
  • Roller Conveyors
  • Coiler / Uncoiler Drives
  • Levelling Machines
  • Shears
  • Ship Drives
  • Cement Machines
  • Cranes
  • Crushers, Mixers
  • Briquetting Machines, Shredders, General Engineering


  • suitable for reverse operations
  • quiet running due to head centering
  • pecial design for vertical operation available
  • large permissible finish bore
  • easy replacment of seals with split cover
  • high level of operational reliability due to high Quality materials
  • long service life with low levels of maintenance
  • high ambient temperatures possible
  • interchangeable with preceding series