Incremental Encoders

Incremental-encoderBarlow Technology promotes a wide range of Incremental Encoders designed for heavy industry and extreme operating conditions.

The supply of Incremental Encoders from BarlowTechnology, includes those designed specifically for use under extreme conditions.

We are able to pass on to our clients, an extremely favorable price-performance ratio encompassing the huge amount of experience Hübner Giessen have amassed over several decades of installing encoders in heavy industrial applications.

FG2 Solid Shaft ∅ 11mm 

FG40 Solid Shaft ∅ 11/14mm

FGHJ2 Hollow shaft upto ∅ 17mm

FGH40 Hollow shaft upto ∅ 20mm

FGHJ5 Hollow shaft upto ∅ 40mm

FGH6 Hollow shaft upto ∅ 50mm

FGHJ8 Hollow shaft upto ∅ 80mm

FGH14 Hollow shaft upto ∅ 150mm

MAG Incremental Hollow shaft upto ∅ 1500mm