Flexi-Flipper Trials

Trials of the new Barlow Technology supplied Flexi-Flippers are underway at DP World, London Gateway.

First round testing was completed towards the end of last year and this week, a new adaptable design of corner flippers with a square polymer block has replaced the original V-shaped profile, making the second round flippers much stronger.

Confidence is high in the revised product, designed to be highly flexible to accommodate impacts and overloads, whilst retaining rigidity for normal loads.

It is estimated that lifts of around half a million boxes can be undertaken with any one flipper, before the block shall require replacing; increasing the expected lifespan of the flipper to around 3-4 years, dependent on crane usage.

Watch the video here: https://barlow-technology.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Untitled.mov

Barlow Technology is the sole supplier in the UK for Flexi-Flipper; contact us to discuss further.