Flexi-Flipper in the UK with Barlow Technology

Adding to our growing portfolio of products and services, Barlow Technology is happy to report that the company is now acting as sole distributor within the UK for Flexi-Flipper.


The simple, yet innovative Flexi-Flipper is being introduced to several UK ports in the coming months and is already in use in a number of terminals throughout Europe.


A key part of the Spreader assembly, Flippers bear the brunt of impacts either with the quay, or within cell guides of ships, meaning that damage is inevitable.


The highly adaptable Flexi-Flipper is manufactured using premium materials and designed to be highly flexible to accommodate impacts and overloads, whilst retaining rigidity for normal loads.


Flexi-Flipper has been patented by the University of Cadiz and is produced by Spanish Inamer; an established company dedicated to the manufacture of parts and industrial maintenance services.


Replacing traditional spreader flipper arms on cranes, the Flexi-Flipper can be easily adapted to achieve the correct combination of rigidity and cushioning, utilizing a uniquely engineered mechanism.


Obvious advantages are derived from the flexibility of the product; primarily, reducing the quantity of fins requiring to be repaired annually, either from breakage or deformation. The machinery mechanism and structure of the spreader is additionally preserved with the flexi-flipper’s unique adaptability to varying load requirements, saving on lost hours and down-time, whilst also being safer for crane operators.


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