Electronic Overspeed Switches from Barlow Technology

EGS – Electronic overspeed switches

Barlow Technology supply highly accurate Electronic Overspeed switches; to replace historic, inaccurate mechanical overspeed switches; through our longstanding partner, Johannes Hübner Giessen.

Offering a variety of design solutions to suit different applications, the German manufactured EGS series of electronic overspeed switches, provide an ideal solution for heavy-duty industry, where the highest levels of precision and reliability are required.

Disadvantages of mechanical overspeed switches

Conditions within heavy industry demand components, which are durable, reliable, accurate and safe. Experience now indicates that mechanical overspeed switches do not necessarily fulfill the desired criteria and furthermore, demonstrate a low resistance to shock and vibration, limiting accuracy and requiring the addition of speed step-up gearing at low switching speeds.

Advantages of electronic overspeed switches

Electronic overspeed switches are engineered to the highest levels of precision, allowing both overspeed and underspeed to be accurately monitored across the complete speed range, offering improved levels of reliability and safety.  The additional flexibility of a variety of series and design options within this adaptable range, results in a product, which can be used across a variety of different applications.

The electronic overspeed switches are also available as safety certified switches according IEC 61058 (SIL) and EN ISO 13849-1 (PL).

Barlow Technology

 With over 40 years industry experience, Barlow Technology supply tailor made, customized solutions to businesses within the steel, ports and harbours, mining and offshore industries; catering for multiple applications and requirements within heavy industry.