Case Study: Replacement of damaged Steel Crane Wheels

Barlow Technology is extremely proud of over 40 years experience in the steel industry with a speciality in the supply of forged steel crane wheels to UK Ports and Harbours.

Working as the sole authorized partners for leading European manufacturers, Barlow Technology has access to the most innovative products and processes, gearing this knowledge and expertise towards clients’ specific requirements.

Offering advice on leading industrial products, the most up to date manufacturing processes and the latest business solutions, Barlow Technology often consults with new clients to rectify existing engineering related issues.

A recent visit to a new client, highlighted a problem with steel crane wheels, previously installed by another supplier.

The crane wheel flanges were displaying extreme wear, not in-line with age, with the rate of erosion indicating an issue with the wheel specifics and a resultant shortening of the predicted and expected lifespan of the product.

Upon closer inspection, the wheels were proved to be unsuited for purpose and the potentially damaging forces involved in this particular type of heavy industrial application.

Barlow Technology has since re-measured the wheels and provided technical drawings to allow the manufacture of new, tailored wheels to the correct weight, material and hardness suited to the clients’ requirements and specifications, as identified by Barlow.

The applied heat treatment now offers a uniform hardness, offering a resistance to flange fracture and wear, whilst improving the lifespan of the rail and reducing maintenance costs of the wheels.

The working life of the new wheels is now far superior to the originals, which have recently been fully replaced and approved for use by Barlow Technology.