Benefits of the Unit One Encoder

Combining up to ten functions, within one unit, the universal encoder system U-ONE, offers speed, position and overspeed detection diagnostics, without the requirement for additional units, resulting in a simplified and highly efficient solution for crane operators.

Current set-ups with separate sensing device units, all channelled through one gearbox, via separate cabling, raise issues with gearbox efficiency and when one unit fails, present potential problems with aligning replacements, correctly.

Connected to electronic function modules on the switchboard via EMC proof fibre optic cabling, the revolutionary U-ONE allows for effective detection and motion control functions, converting these readings and offering feedback to a central control device. The function modules can be flexibly configured as required, offering a number of possible activities to be carried out, in a pre-defined order. This, of course facilitates ongoing expansion of the modules and higher flexibility in planning future modifications.

This concept in engineering technology additionally offers considerable cost savings, thanks to its simple mechanical fitting, standardised electronic function modules, and reduced replacement and wiring requirements.

A relatively compact design and flexible configuration capabilities make the U-ONE a popular choice for monitoring speed and position – affording crane operators greater, more accurate supervision of the working processes. The supplementary electronic overspeed switch with a programmable switching speed from 0, offers additional control via the same switchboard mounted electronics.

The high degree of flexibility, in terms of functionality, order and development, makes the U-ONE an ideal solution for many crane operators; and coupled with the monetary savings on repairs and cabling and visually accessible display of services; provides a simplified, responsive device, ideally suited to the ports and harbours industry.

The U-ONE, produced in Germany by Huebner Giessen is available through Barlow Technology Ltd.