Barlow Technology – Joining the wind of change – Solutions for the Wind Energy Sector

By no means a newcomer to the scene, Barlow Technology has already notched up, in excess of 40 years working alongside industry giants in the procurement of products to heavy industry sectors.

Already experts in the sourcing and supply of a range of braking systems, encoders, motors and couplings to the UK’s ports, steel, crane, marine, offshore, mining and paper industries, the Teesside business has flexed to new industry demands, supplying products from some of Europe’s leading industry names, to the UK wind energy market.

As the world discusses net zero, the wind sector comes to the fore and is the focus as a sustainable, renewable energy source; kinder to the environment than fossil fuels.

Providing clean, cost-effective solutions for the generation of electricity, the effectiveness of wind turbines is dependent on reliably sourced, uniquely engineered products.

Recognised for a tailored service Barlow Technology carries the history of expertise in the supply of products equipped to deal with harsh environments, securing the ideal solution with regards application, placement, environmental conditions and location.



Dellner Bubenzer braking systems are recognised globally for exceptional reliability within many heavy industry sectors. Barlow Technology is Dellner Bubenzer’s sole UK distributor for a range of rotor, yaw and pitch brakes for wind turbines.

Typically calliper style, rotor brakes can be supplied with rotor lock style pins for safety locking and maintenance purposes. Similarly yaw brakes and sliding bearings, along with special brakes are installed for pitch movement on the blades.

With an established history operating in sectors which consume high duty cycle container handling equipment, Dellner Bubenzer brakes outperform their counterparts at maximum capacity and speed, in 24/7 operations.

The company’s purchase of brake specialist JHS Jungblut in 2019 has strengthened the offering in the wind power sector, as the innovative, noise-free products continue to feature in the world’s wind energy marketplace.


With numerous case studies surrounding the part played by VEM’s generators in feeding electrical energy into the grid, their experience within the construction of electrical machinery and equipment is reflected in the products supplied to the UK wind sector by Barlow Technology.

Tailored to the individual requirements of the users and operating closely with partners in the fields of science and research, the VEM generators are amongst the technological leaders in their field, including:

  • Asynchronous short-circuit rotor machines
  • Doubly fed asynchronous machines
  • Synchronous machines (electrical or permanent magnet)
  • Synchronous machines in multi-pole design for gearless
    or single gear solutions


As with the supply of all wind sector products, continuous advancements in encoder development ensures Barlow Technology supplies the most up to date, pioneering encoders and drive control systems from Johannes Hubner Giessen, a world leader in the manufacture of incremental encoders, absolute encoders, tacho-generators and custom-built motors for the wind energy sector.
Specially developed electronics and software have replaced former mechanical components and support a range of encoders to obtain integrated solutions for wind sector applications.


Barlow Technology’s safety couplings for wind turbines are supplied through long-term partner Malmedie; now recognised for the biggest safety-coupling built, which was installed and commissioned in August 2015.

A shut-off torque of 12.100.000 Nm ensures the safety-coupling protects a test bench for wind turbines against overloads in a safe and reliable way. The test bench can test complete assembled machinery houses of wind turbines of the 5-10 MW class – a relatively new aspect with single component test of wind turbines the standard within the industry.


Slip-Ring Assemblies

Also with an emphasis on tailored engineering; specialist slip-ring assemblies, with reliable transmission of power and data signals in accordance with industry standards are additionally supplied by Barlow Technology. With robust components, each customised solution offers the reliability required, meeting customer’s specifications within the demanding environment of the UK’s wind energy sector.


Commitment to the sector

A dedication to exceed customers’ expectations drives a commitment to the supply of an expansive range of products engineered for an efficient and trusted service within the wind energy marketplace; Barlow Technology brings you both the invaluable expertise and world-leading products needed to reduce expenditure, minimise maintenance costs, lower downtime and save company time and labour when sourcing parts and materials.