Barlow Technology expand VEM Motors product range to cover all industries

Last year saw a further expansion for Barlow Technology as we became sole UK supplier for VEM Motors, Germany.

As the UK and Ireland representative for electrical motors from VEM within the Ports and Steel industries in the UK, we have established ourselves within these markets and have developed trusted partners and a growing customer base.

VEM is an innovative, dependable and internationally recognised manufacturer of technically sophisticated systems and drive solutions, as well as special drives and individual components. The product range covers the complete spectrum of electric motors and drives for industrial use.

Matching Barlow’s many years experience within heavy industry, the VEM products are specially suited to the challenging demands of heavy industry and offer a complete package of drive solutions tailored to the specific requirements of these sectors of operation.


Ports: Cranes and hoists

Having established ourselves as sole supplier within the UK for VEM Motors, our business within the ports and harbours industry has increased to accommodate the provision of electric motors for cranes and hoists.

Used to drive main hoists, boom hoists, trolleys and gantrys, the design principle of this series of motors allows for add-on mounting of components such as encoders, tachos, brakes and forced ventilation units, solving each customer’s individual and unique control tasks.

A robust design is coupled with low-vibration and high mechanical strength; invaluable in the extreme operating conditions of heavy industry. A unique paint system ensures a high level of corrosion protection, proven to withstand the most varied environmental and climatic influences.

Steel Industry

At Barlow Technology, we work extensively within the UK steel industry, with a proven history of supplying drives for pumps, centrifuges, rollers, fans, drying groups, dispergers and blowers.

Drives in steel and rolling mills are exposed to extremely hard demands, calling for exceptionally designed motors to accommodate high levels of strain through alternating operational modes and overloads.

As a specialist for rolling mill drives, Barlow Technology supplied, VEM electrical drive units can be built as complete electrical drive units consisting of transformers, frequency converters and power converters including motors with powers ranging from 500 kW to 12 MW for low and medium voltage as modernisation projects.

Our range not only includes complete controlled drive systems but also twin drives, drives for rolling frames, shears and reels, roller tables and auxiliary drives that are reliable and resilient.

Expansion of VEM Motors to all UK industries

Now with a proven track record in the supply of motors to the UK steel and ports industries, Barlow Technology is proud to announce that our provision of low voltage motors to UK industry shall now extend into our other areas of expertise, namely; chemical, oil and gas industry, power station engineering, renewable energy, water technology, shipbuilding, transportation, cement and mining industry and engineering and plant construction.

A selection of new products are available to view on the Barlow Technology website, however to discuss further please contact: sales@localhost / 01642 607706