Absolute Encoders

absolute-encoderDesigned for operations in extreme conditions, Barlow Technology supply a range of ABSOLUTE ENCODERS to worldwide clients:

Absolute Encoders, supplied by Barlow Technology are designed for extreme industrial conditions. They have a robust, thick-walled aluminium casing and large ball bearings with a high dynamic load rating; the encapsulated interior space remains sealed even when the generously dimensioned terminal box is open. All screwed connections are vibration resistant.

AS…40 Singleturn Solid shaft ∅ 11/14mm

AM…40 Multiturn Solid shaft ∅ 11/14mm

AM…41 Muliturn SIL 3 Solid shaft ∅ 14mm

AL…40 Singleturn Looper Solid shaft ∅ 14mm

AS… H 4o Singleturn Hollow shaft upto ∅ 20mm

AM… H 4o Multiturn Hollow shaft upto ∅ 20mm

AM… H 41 Multi-turn SIL3 Hollow shaft upto ∅ 20mm

AS… H 60 Singleturn Hollow shaft upto ∅ 50mm

MAG Absolute Hollow shaft upto ∅ 1500mm