The universal encoder system U-ONE from Johannes Huebner Giessen offers ten function modules in a single unit. The EGS module UO-EM-EGS 41 is an electronic overspeed switch designed to detect over- and under-speeds. The module is certified to EN 61508 SIL CL2 and EN 13849 PL d. Module functionality includes switch delay, inverse direction of rotation evaluation, switching function dependent on the direction of rotation and an option to perform switch tests. In addition, the UO-EM-EGS 41 offers functions such as slip detection, open-circuit recognition and delayed overcurrent switch off. The module is programmed via the decoder interface.

Other function modules belonging to the U-ONE system offer the following functions: Speed monitoring, position detection, a large variety of bus interfaces, diverse Ethernet connections, electronic cam controller, synchronization module and graphic display of sequential processes.