Main Features

Wide Horizontal and Vertical Floating
without rail Guides.
• Design friction coefficient 0.25 or 0.5
• Option for large rail head width tolerance.
• Option for thruster releasing system

1) Self-blocking working principle: Compressing the rail only in case of wind.
Advantage: Minimum wear of braking shoes.
2) New braking shoes with tested friction coefficient over 1.0, (TUV certified)
but rail clamp design friction coefficient 0.25 or 0.5.
Advantages: High safety factor, suitability to all countries regulation
(like Japan, Australia, etc. where no more than 0.25 is allowed)
3) Wide tolerance on the rail head (± 5 mm)
Advantage: 10 mm of tolerance allows these clamps guaranteeing their
performances also on sites where rails are old or anyhow in wear / miss-shape
condition; this happens quite frequently for reasons of wear or overload on rails.