Main Features

Wide Horizontal and Vertical Floating
without rail Guides.
• Design friction coefficient 0.25 or 0.5
• Option for large rail head width tolerance.
• Option for thruster releasing system

1) Self-blocking working principle: Compressing the rail only in case of wind.
Advantage: Minimum wear of braking shoes.
2) New braking shoes with tested friction coefficient over 1.0, (TUV certified)
but rail clamp design friction coefficient 0.25 or 0.5.
Advantages: High safety factor, suitability to all countries regulation
(like Japan, Australia, etc. where no more than 0.25 is allowed)
3) Absence of rail guides. (No contact between any part of the rail clamp and the rail)
Advantage: No need to replace rail guides due to wear.
(Advantage particularly important for fast continuously moving gantry cranes, like
for example ASC)
4) Wide horizontal float ( ± 30 mm ) and vertical float (± 25 mm) without need of
part in contact with the rail (like sliding guides or rollers).
5) Opening by thruster.
Advantage: Absence of separated hydraulic unit, hoses, simpler electrical control