Application Area:

For many years a seawaterproof version of the SFB series has been used successfully on winch motors in ship building and as a safety, service or holding brake in wharf crane installations. Other application areas are its use in travelling, trolley and hoisting gear in crane construction, as well as in roller mills, smelters and off-shore installations in machine construction.

Mode of Function:

When the brake current is switched on, an electromagnetic field is built up and the spring tension of the brake is overcome. The corresponding sub-assemblies including the motor shaft can rotate freely. The brake is released. When the brake current is switched off or if a power failure occurs, the brake´s electromagnetic field collapses. The mechanical brake action is transferred to the motor shaft. The motor is braked. PINTSCH BUBENZER ensures the required safety.

Special Features:

  • A series of 63 to 10000 Nm
  • Strong magnetic circuit for bridging of a large air gap.
    • Large wear reserve
  • One-time readjustment of the brakes over the entire wearing area
    • Simple readjustment without adjusting
    • Minimum maintenance times
  • Brake remains fully functional when housing is removed
    • Can be inspected very easily, even during operation
    • Problem-free maintenance without dismantling of brake
    • Large cost-saving
  • Deceleration from high rotational speed – large work capacity
    • Safety reserve for emergency stop
  • Protection class IP 67, submersible
    • Optimally suited to use on ships and in wharf crane installations as well as for industrial applications
  • Certificates of all relevant classification societies such as
    • Germanischer Lloyd
    • Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
    • Det Norske Veritas
    • Bureau Veritas
    • American Bureau of Shipping
    • Maritime Register of Shipping (with type-specific acceptance testing)
  • Can be mounted horizonally or vertically without any additional measures
  • Manual emergency release is standard
  • Special equipment
    • Any tacho can be mounted
    • Special mounting flange of all sizes, also square
    • Microswitch
    • Inductive proximity switch
    • Space heater
    • Quick-break switching devices, controlling devices and rectifiers


  • winch motors in shipbuilding
  • safety and service brakes in wharf crane installations