Main Features

  • Electromagnetic release
  • High performance by overworking of electromagnet (magnet IP54)
  • Internal rectifier / economizer unit, direct connection to 380-480 V AC, 3 Ph., 50-60 Hz
  • Adjustable brake torque
  • Simple, manual wear compensation
  • Organic, non-asbestos linings
  • Manual release and limit switch release control as a standard


  • Limit switch wear control
  • Sintered linings
  • Hydraulic damping unit for continuously adjustable apply time of 1-8 seconds
  • Motor connection flange incl. protective cover
  • Brake discs with hubs or couplings


  • The capacity of these brakes makes them particularly suitable as service brakes e.g. on crane gantries, slewing drives or smaller hoists
  • In combination with the hydraulic damping unit, a soft and smooth braking is possible
  • Very compact and easy to install as a motor mounted version