The SPER/S11R series are designed as classic
IEC/DIN series, i.e. with mounting dimensions and
performances in line with DIN 42679. The SPR/S10R
series are conceived with more progressive performance
assignments compared to the DIN standards,
offering outputs up to two steps higher from the same
frame size.
The motors are equipped with radial fans in plastic or
cast aluminium alloy, which cool the motor independently
of the latter’s direction of rotation (IC 411 to
IEC/EN 60034-6).
Upon request, the following motor protection variants
are possible:
› motor protection with PTC thermistor sensors
in the stator winding
› bi-metal temperature sensors as NC and NO
contacts in the stator winding
› resistance thermometer for winding or bearing
tem-perature monitoring
› space heater to prevent the formation of condensation
inside the motor.