In use in a number of terminals throughout Europe, Barlow Technology is the sole distributor for Flexi-Flipper in the UK.

The highly adaptable Flexi-Flipper is manufactured using premium materials and designed to be highly flexible to accommodate impacts and overloads, whilst retaining rigidity for normal loads. Watch the video:




  •   Flexible and elastic element against impacts and overloads; and at the same time rigid against normal loads and blows in service.
  • Use of top quality materials.
  • Armor and geometry arranged to achieve the right combination of rigidity in service, cushioning and flexibility against impacts.
  • Patented by the University of Cádiz and INAMER.


  • Reduces the number of fins to repair, either by breakage or deformation.
  • Reduces damage to the machinery and structure of the spreader.
  • Decrease the number of hours lost.
  • Safer device for operators.
  • Reduces damage due to impacts on other elements that are in the spreader’s work area.