Auxema Stemman are world leaders in the manufacture and assembly of both bare and insulated Conductor Rails, Cable Reels, Slipring Assemblies, Conductor Line and Cable Channels, Conductor System Box, Limit Switches, Plug / Socket Connectors, Cable and Hose-Carrying Trolleys, Rail Clamps for Cranes, Cables for use with Handling Equipment, Spreader and Elevation systems.

With more than 50 years experience supplying fully customized and uniquely engineered equipment, Auxema Stemman manufacture 3 types of cable/hose reels depending on the driving system: manual, counterweight and motor driven cable reels.

With the capacity to supply a full range of cable reels, from the smallest (3-4kg) to reels with 1000-1500m cable capacity and 300mpm driving speed, each piece of equipment is tested under authentic running conditions.

Barlow Technology is the sole supplier of Auxema Stemman products within the UK.

Motor driven cable reels

Motor driven cable reels are classified depending on the motor that is installed.

  • Mechanical friction clutches INDARDINAMIK ®
  • Hydraulic clutches
  • Magnetic clutches INDAR MAGNETIK ®
  • Electromagnetic clutches INDAR E-MAGNETIK ®
  • Short -circuit rotor 3- phase induction motors AS DRIVE ®
  • Wound rotor 3-phase induction motors, as torque motors
  • Asyncronons motor drive by frequency converters INDARFREC ® or INDARFREC-BL ®


Slipring Assemblies

These revolving systems are used as an electric link between the rotating and the fixed mechanisms. More than two systems may be involved, but only at low speed.

Rings are usually made of copper or brass, depending on the application (diameter, power to be transmitted, etc.).

Insulation should be in accordance with the set standards.

The machined flexible brushes of brush-holders adapt themselves to the diameter of the ring. Brush-holders have stainless steel springs.

We supply special equipment for signal transmission, with gold-plated and silver plated rings with electrodes submerged in mercury for signal transmission through optical fibres or equipment with pre-set frequencies between transmitter and receiver.

These assemblies are protected in IP-00, IP-22, IP-44, IP-65 according to the customers specification.

They can be supplied for any capacity and application, up to 30.000 volts.