Universal Encoder System U-One

The universal encoder system U-ONE from Johannes Huebner Giessen combines speed, position and overspeed detection in a single unit. The system includes a universal basic unit that is connected to the electronic function modules on the switchboard via EMC proof fiber optic cable. Encased in a rugged aluminium casing the basic unit UOM 4L-1212 is designed for maximum speeds up to 3000 rpm. The device is available as construction types B5 with flange and B35 with flange and foot. To facilitate flexible configuration of the U-ONE system it is possible to arrange the ten function modules that also belong to the system side-by-side in any order.

u-one_basic unit-01HuebnerGiessen



The details of this innovative system can be found by visiting the links below

UOM4L  Basic Unit Hollow Shaft ∅11/14mm

UOM41L  Basic Unit SIL 2 Hollow Shaft ∅11/14mm

UO-EM-D2 FOC Decoder module 

UO-EM-D41 SIL 2 FOC Decoder module 

UO-EM EGS4 Overspeed Switch module

UO-EM-EGS41 SIL 2 Overspeed Switch module SIL 2

UO-EM-ERC Position Switch Module 

UO-EM-FG4 Incremental Encoder module

UO-EM-EM… Absolute Encoder modules