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Industrial Braking Systems

Barlow Technology is the sole representative in the United Kingdom for Pintsch Bubenzer, who manufacture some of the best industrial braking systems in the world.

SB 8.1

SB 8.2

SB 23.3 with BUEL®

SB 28.3 with BUEL®

SB 17 MX



SB 22

SB 8.11

SB 8.3

SB 16 with BUEL®





Typical of all braking systems supplied by Barlow Technology, our Hydraulic Brakes are robust both in design and performance. Their compact design allows for easy maintenance and the high capacity and reliability of these brakes makes them particularly suitable as secondary emergency brakes on hoist gears and on downhill conveyors.


  • Hoist gears
  • Downhill conveyors



The robust design of the storm brakes, supplied by Barlow Technology,  prevents movement of a crane by high winds or gusts and secures the structure, thanks to a built-in wind sensor. The easy maintenance design is suitable for all rail profiles.


  • Storm brake for cranes
  • Stackers
  • Reclaimers



Rail Clamp Type TR- Standard Type

Rail Brakes



Wheel Brake



Introducing BUEL® electrohydraulic thruster equipment, supplied by Barlow Technology. A revolutionary Thruster, at the forefront of technology. The BUEL Thruster incorporates many technical advantages such as lower running costs, faster setting times, very low maintenance requirements and the power to operate higher torque braking systems.


  • crane and container handling equipment in sea and inland ports
  • steelworks with ladle, charging and process cranes
  • mining, on excavators and spreaders and in conveyor belt stations



Encoders and Drive Controls

Barlow Technology supplies a range of Encoders and Drive control systems from Hubner –Giessen, a world leader in the manufacture of incremental encoders, absolute encoders, tacho-generators and custom built motors for the Steel Industry, Paper Mills, Ports and Harbours, and many other industries.
For more than 70 years the name Johannes Hübner has become well known for reliable measurement and encoder technology as well as for the most modern tailor-made drive engineering.
Hubner – Giessen develop and manufacture high technology products for industry. Along with analogue tachos and incremental encoders for speed control, our absolute encoders in addition with electronic overspeed switches are applied in mining, rolling mills, shipbuilding and paper industries.
HÜBNER GIESSEN encoder solutions with optical fibre technology have now penetrated railway and harbour engineering, e. g. for high-speed-trains, the most modern shiploaders and container cranes. Specially developed electronics and software have replaced former mechanical components and support our encoders to obtain integrated solutions.
Offering a wide range of different solutions, we are confident that we have the solution to your application.
With newly developed products, Barlow Technology are able to supply you with the latest technology, offering a whole host of different benefits.


  • steel industry
  • port & crane technology
  • mining & open cast mining

MAG Incremental Hollow Shaft Encoder




FG 40 Hollow Shaft


FG2 (11mm shaft) & FGHJ2 (hollow shaft up to 17mm)

Absolute encoders from Johannes Huebner Giessen are designed for operations in extreme operating conditions: They have a robust, thick-walled aluminium casing and large ball bearings with a high dynamic load rating; the encapsulated interior space remains sealed even when the generously dimensioned terminal box is open. All screwed connections are vibration resistant. The single-turn version of the absolute encoder with a solid shaft AS… 40 is compatible with all customary interfaces, such as PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET IO, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, SSI and parallel interfaces and can be supplied with an incremental output, if required. The single-turn version offers a maximum resolution up to 16 bit (steps per revolution: 65536). A second shaft end is available on request.

A multiturn version of the absolute encoder from Johannes Huebner Giessen is also available. The solid shaft version of the absolute encode AM… 40 is equipped with all customary interfaces, such as PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET IO, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, SSI or a parallel interface and can be supplied with an incremental output, if required. The multiturn version offers a maximum resolution up to 12 bit (number of revolutions: 4096). The absolute encoder AM… 40 mult-iturn is considered to be the standard version for heavy duty applications. It has a robust aluminium casing and large ball bearings with a high dynamic load rating; the interior space remains sealed even when the terminal box is open. Consequently, it is extremely vibration and shock resistant.

U-One Compact

U-One Function Modules

Magnetic Encoder - MAG

Universal Encoder System - U-One

SIL 3 certified: Multi-turn absolute encoder with a solid shaft

MAGA Absolute Single-Turn

AMH 40 Multi-Turn

AS40 Singleturn Looper


Barlow Technology supply highly accurate Electronic Overspeed switches; to replace historic, inaccurate mechanical overspeed switches; through our longstanding partner, Johannes Hübner Giessen.

Electronic Position Switch


U-ONE® system: EGS module SIL 2 certified

U-ONE® system: FOC decoder module (certified to SIL 2)

U-ONE® system: Basic unit SIL 2 certified

SIL 2 certified: Electronic overspeed switch EGS 41

Multi-turn absolute encoder with a solid shaft AM41

Universal encoder system U-ONE®-Compact

ATEX and IECEx certified: Incremental encoder with a solid shaft

Crane Wheels

For over 22 years, Barlow Technology has been supplying a range of Steel wheels from our partner, German manufacturing giant, Karl Georg, to many high-profile customers in the UK and Ireland.

With wheels available in forged or cast steel or nodular iron and within a variety of sizes, from 100mm to 1250mm and manufactured to customers’ specific requirements, we are able to support our customers for a wide spectrum of applications.

Wheels can be supplied with or without wheel flanges, with roller or sliding bearings, or as a bare wheel, and also using also a wide range of heat treatment methods, including slip-free hardening.

We supply many of the United Kingdom’s Ports and Harbours and associated steel industries, supplying wheels for specialist applications where non-standard wheels are required.

Our aim is to always understand the application in which our wheels will be used. If rail material and form are available, for example, we then propose materials, allowing the wheel and rail to work mechanically together, prolonging the life of wheels and rail and reducing maintenance costs and down time.

When replacing older, worn wheels, it is our standard practice to supply an approval drawing to our customer, before manufacture commences.


Pulley Sheaves

Wheel Blocks

Wheel Sets

Special Products

At Barlow Technology, we are able to source and supply a range of unique products, engineered to suit your requirements. If you don’t find the items you are specifically searching for below, please email us to enquire.

Reverse Engineering


Mill End Covers


Toothed Segments

Machining Capability



Gear Rings

Couplings - Malmedie

Barlow Technology has  built up a strong relationship with Malmedie over a number of years.

Based in Solingen, Germany, The Malmedie Group specialise in power transmission systems and carry over 70 years experience in the development, design and manufacturing of mechanical couplings for all applications.

The original manufacturer and designer of Gear, Drum and Safety Couplings, Malmedie is recognised throughout the global steel industry, specifically within ports and harbours, for being reliable and cost-effective.

Barlow Technology is the sole provider of Malmedie Gear, Drum and Safety Couplings within the UK.

Safety Couplings

Drum Couplings

Gear Couplings

Cable Reels - Auxema Stemmann

Auxema Stemman are world leaders in the manufacture and assembly of both bare and insulated Conductor Rails, Cable Reels, Slipring Assemblies, Conductor Line and Cable Channels, Conductor System Box, Limit Switches, Plug / Socket Connectors, Cable and Hose-Carrying Trolleys, Rail Clamps for Cranes, Cables for use with Handling Equipment, Spreader and Elevation systems.

With more than 50 years experience supplying fully customized and uniquely engineered equipment, Auxema Stemman manufacture 3 types of cable/hose reels depending on the driving system: manual, counterweight and motor driven cable reels.

With the capacity to supply a full range of cable reels, from the smallest (3-4kg) to reels with 1000-1500m cable capacity and 300mpm driving speed, each piece of equipment is tested under authentic running conditions.

Barlow Technology is the sole supplier of Auxema Stemman products within the UK.


Beltflex Cable Trench Protection System

Cable Reels

Beltflex Cable Trench Protection System

The Beltflex main purpose is to protect the cable and the cable trench against damage from road traffic, by covering the channel with a rubber neoprene belt.

The belt´s unique formula uses neoprene and double metal frame, providing high durability in the most arduous environments.

This system helps prolonging the life of the cable, reduces waste accumulation and minimizes trip hazards.

On request, all Beltflex references can be customized with painted black and yellow lines as a precaution signal.

Is usually supplied in lengths of 50 meters and can be joined stainless steel joining plates or by a vulcanizing process.


In use in a number of terminals throughout Europe, Barlow Technology is the sole distributor of Flexi-Flipper in the UK.

The highly adaptable Flexi-Flipper is manufactured using premium materials and designed to be highly flexible to accommodate impacts and overloads, whilst retaining rigidity for normal loads.



As the UK representative for German based VEM Motors within the Ports and Steel industries in the UK, Barlow Technology is now able to offer a range of motors and associated parts for cranes and wider UK steel industry applications.

The Motors featured below represent a small selection of those we offer. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Ports Applications: VEM – three-phase asynchronous motors for main hoist applications

Steel Applications: Main Drive

Ports Applications: Asynchronous Motor 1

Steel Applications: Roller Table Motor

Steel Applications: Twin Drive

Ports Applications: Asynchronous Motor 2

Ports Applications: Asynchronous Motor 3

Steel Applications: Motor of the ARB series for mains operation