Malmedie Safety-Couplings have been used for more than 30 years as torque limiters in various executions (e.g. gear couplings, elastic couplings, cardan shafts etc.). They have thoroughly proven themselves even under very difficult application conditions, such as in the metallurgical industry and rolling mills, mining and the chemical industry. Their function is characterised by high precision of disengagement and rapid reset, effectively protecting from damage due to overload and, on the flip side, significantly reducing lost production time.

All Safety-Coupling parts are produced to stringent internal quality standards. With the aid of modern CNC manufacturing technology the ability to replace individual parts is guaranteed. All load-bearing coupling parts are produced from high-quality heat-treated steel. Wear is reduced by the purposeful selection of materials and by appropriate hardening treatments.

On account of the diversity of the applications, Safety-Couplings are adapted almost exclusively to the customer’s request. Only the safety elements are standardised series items.


  • high load capacity.
  • robust.
  • high shut-off accuracy.
  • fast re-engagement.
  • maintenance free.
  • suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres according to directive 94/9/EU
  • optionally with automatic wear indicator
  • suitable for use in potentially explosive hazardous areas according to directive¬†
    RL 94/9/EG

Advantages of the MALMEDIE -Safety-Coupling:

  • low costs due to short downtimes.
  • suitable for reversing operation.
  • full unlocking.
  • readjustable.
  • low risk of damage.
  • long service life.