Developed by Malmedie, the Drum-Coupling is especially suitable for installation in drum drives of cranes and conveying systems. Highly suited to the rough conditions of steelworks, reclaimers, ship unloaders and container cranes, the Malmedie Drum-Coupling satisfies, for example, the technical requirements prescribed by the German Steel and Iron Operating Sheet (Stahl-Eisen-Betriebsblatt) SEB 666212, issued in Jan. 1991, and the Norme Sidérurgie Française.

A rigid connection between the gear shaft and the rope drum results, in a single or twin drum drive, in a statically indeterminated three or four-point support.

  • higher load capacity
  • up to 10 % higher permissible torque
  • larger permissible radial load
  • larger permissible finish bore
  • longer service life
  • interchangeable with preceding series
  • optionally with automatic wear indicator

suitable for use in potentially explosive hazardous areas according to directive 
RL 94/9/EG