Drum Couplings

Drum Couplings

Developed by MALMEDIE in the 1950s, the Drum-Coupling is especially suitable for installation in drum drives of cranes and conveying systems. More than 50 years experience of operating Drum-Couplings under the rough conditions of steelworks, reclaimers, ship unloaders and container cranes has left its mark in many of our customers’ internal standard sheets. The MALMEDIE Drum-Coupling satisfies, for example, the technical requirements prescribed by the German Steel and Iron Operating Sheet (Stahl-Eisen-Betriebsblatt) SEB 666212, issued in Jan. 1991, and the Norme Sidérurgie Française.

A rigid connection between the gear shaft and the rope drum results, in a single or twin drum drive, in a statically indeterminated three or four-point support.










Fig. 1
Layout of a twin drum drive with four-point beared rigid shaft without a Drum-Coupling.


Fig. 2
Layout of a twin-drum drive with a Drum-Coupling.

Malmedie Drum Couplings offer the following benefits:

  • Higher load capacity
  • Up to 10% higher permissible torque
  • Larger permissible radial bore
  • Larger permissible finished bore
  • Longer service life
  • Interchangeable with preceding series
  • Optionally with automatic wear indicator
  • Suitable for use in potentially explosive hazardous areas according to directive RL94/9/EG